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05 November 2005



ust wanna have fun... Well as you know, yesterday was my youngest daughter's 7th birthday. And as expected she loved all the gifts from me, my parents and my sister. She oooohhhh'd and aaahhh'd at all the presents.

Today they are going to a beauty palor that is closed to adults for the day and girls take it over for birthday parties. My middle daughter when she turned 9 in September had her party there and it appeared to be fun. The girls do each others hair. Style it, even color it. Everything is monitored by the shop owner to make sure the girls don't get carried away.

By the time they are finished all the girls have green, purple, yellow and colors I've never seen before, hair. It's the stuff that little girls parties are made of... laughing, giggling, the whole bit.

I asked Nina, "Are boys invited?" Her reply, "No, boys are yucky." I looked suprised, "But... I'm a boy." She hugged me, "No you're not... you're Daddy."

Gotta love it.

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