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15 November 2005

Guess What?...


mmediately after posting yesterday's article, I went into the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. All my nice clean dishes and glasses. And then filled it up right away with all of the dirty dishes I talked about. Put the soap in and hit the button. Whooosh! It started... cleaning all of my little dishes, scrubbing, spraying, soaping and whatever else the dishwasher does inside there. Almost immediately, the whole process started over... dirty coffee cup in the sink, breakfast dishes in the sink. I am in some kind of loop here.

Since I am on housework, or the lack thereof... how often do you change your sheets on the bed? Last night I happened to catch a show on the health channel about your bed. Do you have any idea how many skin flakes come off your body while you sleep? Millions! And then guess what? You make the bed... then that night you climb right back in with all the previous million skin flakes from yesterday. The process continues until you change the sheets. You are rolling around all night having a great time dreaming AND rolling around in dead skin thingies. They're getting all over your body, in your hair, on your face.

I betcha you're glad now that you came here this morning, huh?

Observations and Questions
How often do you change your sheets? The average is every 11 days.

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