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10 November 2005

Help! My Brain Is Leaking...


ell, fancy meeting you here. You're here for your morning fix of witty, humorous, or serious banter... aren't you?

I'm soooooo sorry. I can't think of a blessed thing to write about. I hate when this happens... I really do. So then it boils down do I simply write nothing? or do I write an article telling you I have nothing? Or I could write about something I just learned 2 minutes ago. Remember this: In 1871, following seven months of searching, foreign correspondent to the New York Herald Henry M. Stanley succeeded at last in locating Scottish missionary David Livingstone in Ujiji, Central Africa. Stanley prefaced his encounter with these words: Dr. Livingstone, I presume.

You always heard the phrase and now you know the circumstances and the date he said it. Fascinating, huh?

Observations and Questions
Does anyone remember "Ramar of the Jungle"? Make-up a comment so it looks like we have something to talk about today.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1916, Guido Turchi, Rome Italy, composer (Invettiva). Looking around in the death pile we have in 1985, Pelle Lindbergh, Philadelphia Flyer's goalie, dies in drunk driving accident.

Portrait Studio!
Come on... I'm running out of space... don't get cut-out.
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