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11 November 2005

Thanks, Guys...


ou know, I was sitting here earlier this morning wondering what to write today, Veteran's Day. How many different ways can you say "Thanks" to the Veteran's?

If it weren't for them, imagine the mess this country would be in today... geez, we'd be another Afghanistan or worse. While I have a very serious issue with our present war in Iraq, I do support the troops... you know, the little guy that was torn away from his family to go over there... the guy in the grocery store that happened to be a "reservest" serving in a part-time capacity to bring in a few extra dollars for his family and then BAM... he's over in Iraq getting shot at, blown up... it's sad. I can also add the she's in there as well. The women are holding up their ends as well. They're all doing the best they can.... as have all of the Veteran's previously in wars that we have been involved with throughout the world.

From one Navy Vet to all of the other Vets, "Thanks guys"... yeah, that includes the Marines also :)

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No comments are really needed today but say what's on your minds. If you feel the need to bash, go ahead and bash, but do not bash the soldiers and sailors... they follow orders.

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