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07 November 2005

Today is...


ash day AND Election Day here in Houston. I know I mentioned one day last week that it was wash day, but I suffer from Pepophobia... don't look it up, because I just made the word up. It means fear of pep. I figured I could skip the wash for a week. I didn't need clean clothes since I wasn't really going anywhere. Anyway...

It's also election day. It's funny after spending 20 years in Philadelphia politics and it being an integral part of my life for so long, in Texas it doesn't even phase me. Things are a bit too gentil for me. Not like the old days in Philly...

There was the day when a fistfight broke out in City Council chambers. Two city councilmen fighting it out, rolling around on the chamber floor. Yes, those were the days.

Then who could forget the Treasurer of Pa., who was going to be indicted on some charge, I forget now. But he decided to go on live TV and hold a press conference. During his live press conference, he stopped... paused... opened a large manilla envelope... pulled out a revolver, put it into his mouth and blew his brains out... I did mention this was LIVE television, right? My secretary and I sat stupified, mouths dropped open... yes, those were the days, exciting days in politics... I'm not even sure I am going to vote today, it brings back too many memories.

Observations and Questions
Are you voting today? Ding your wash today?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1964, Dana Plato, Maywood CA, actress (Kimberly-Diff'rent Strokes). And in the cemetery we have in 1980, Steve McQueen, Slater MO, actor, dies at 50.

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