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01 November 2005

Well, It's All Over...


he vampires are all tucked away in their coffins until next year, werewolves have changed back into human form and ghosts and goblins have all disappeared into the mist. So what are we left with? Bags of candy... some good, some really bad... After halloween I always went through the bags to weed out the really crappy and suspect candy, tossing them into the trash when the kids weren't looking. I already know this mornings news will have the usual stories about razor blades being found in apples, etc. What is wrong with these people? Just turn out your lights and go to bed early...

Anyway, halloween had a damper on it here in Houston last night. It began raining and thundering about 5PM and continued off and on until about 9PM when I fell asleep on the sofa watching some horrible movie... horrible as in a piece of trash.

I did watch a special on the History channel about the hunt for Dracula in the Carpathian Mountains in Hungary. You do know there was a real Dracula, right? Not quite the Bela Lugosi Dracula but close enough. That I'll save for another posting. He was quite interesting... and he did drink the blood of his enemies.

Observations and Questions
So what did you do last night? Have any ghoulish visitors? Or did you turn out the lights and pretend no one was home? And yes, this is still the music from yesterday, mainly because I like it... plus I was too lazy to go find something fresh.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1942, Larry Flynt, magazine publisher (Hustler). And in the animal death notices we have in 1947, Man O' War dies.

Portrait Studio!
Come on... I'm running out of space... don't get cut-out.
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