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08 December 2005

Are There Any Normal...


omen out there? The other day I mentioned that I had a "group therapy" thing at the VA Hospital. I debated most of the morning yesterday if I really wanted to go or not. Finally, I showered and shaved and went.

I got to the office and the door was locked. Looked at my watch, 1:55 PM...ok, a few minutes early. I am still relatively calm at this point. My regular psychiatrist walks by and we chat for a minute and I told her why I was standing in the middle of the hallway. She said the woman doing the group therapy interviews was probably on lunch. I watched her walk away and thought... she is soooo fine.

Now it was 2:15PM... a well-dressed woman came along and asked where the doctor was... "don't know." She pulled keys out of her pocket, unlocked the door and said she would go find the doctor. That was the last I saw of her.

Within a minute or so, a woman about 30ish came in, and I thought she was the doctor. "hi, no one here yet? I hate coming to these things." and she sat down. As I soon found out from her, this wasn't a one on one interview it was a group thing to determine which group you would be assigned. She was actually kinda cute and I thought that this might be interesting. Within minutes she told me she was there because of her kleptomania... ummmmm, ok.... I was really hoping for a different kinda "mania".

Now it was 2:45PM... this thing was supposed to start at 2PM. The woman stood up and said she couldn't wait for this "bullshit" and she had shopping to do for Christmas. Uh huh...

Me like a dope, I sat there, until 3PM... no one ever showed up so I left. I knew I shouldn't have gone. When I got home, I checked the appointment and it was for the correct day and time. Shrug. Now I'll just wait until after the new year to go.

Observations and Questions
Have you gone to the doctors for an appointment only to find out the doctor wasn't "in" today? Or any kind of other appointment?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1943, Jim Morrison, Melbourne FL, singer (Doors) is he really dead?. And in our death notices we find in 1993, Carlotta Monti lover of WC Fields, dies at 86.
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