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16 December 2005

By The Time...

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ou read this I should be up in the air and heading back to Texas. Right now it's 2AM EST and my flight leaves at 7AM. I need to find the car rental drop off place at the Philly airport first... I could never find it before so I am assuming this time won't be any different.

I've had a good time up here seeing my entire family. I could have done without the snow and ice, but then again it's the Christmas season so that's got to be expected.

It will feel good to sleep in my own bed tonight. These motel beds are for the birds. I've decided that I'm not staying at this place next time. It's gotten worn down and there's a new Fairfield Inn and a new Marriot a few miles further and I have a feeling that they will be cleaner, etc.

So adios until I am back in Houston....

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