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18 December 2005

Excuse Me Miss...

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kay. Yesterday I HAD to go Christmas shopping for a few things. So I went to a local mall near me. I needed to get a CD. There was not a music store in the mall but there was a Sears right there. The Sears I use to shop in back home in Philly had a record store so why not this one.

I went in and walked around on the first floor for awhile before going to the 2nd floor. I looked in earnest for a store directory before I would ask a salesperson. Could not find a directory.

Then I saw her... man, I am telling you she was Drop Dead "forget Kelly Monaco" Gorgeous. What she ever was doing working in a Sears was beyond me. I got in line behind two customers: gab, gab, how are the kids, gab, gab... geez ladies, there are serious shoppers behind you.

My turn finally!! Yippeee! I am sooooo glad I put my Aramis on in the morning. I could not stop looking at her... all of her. Her black hair flowing down, laying across her forehead. I just KNEW she had on some kind of sensual prefume. It was my turn to smell her... oooppss... I meant be waited on. Here is how the conversation went and from this point on she will be referred to as: GSG, gorgeous sales girl. And I will be known as LOMWWW, Lecherous Old Man Walking With Walker.

GSG: Hi! (translated meant : hi there you handsome, studly young man with no walker.)
LOMWWW: Hi and good morning! (translated meant: hi cutie... you are unbelievably hot.)

GSG: Can I help you sir?: (translated: MMmmMmmm honey, I get off at 5, wanna date?)
LOMWWW: Yes, you can, I hope. (translated: I'll bet you could give me another stroke.)

LOMWWW: Could you tell me where the record department is?
GSG: Ummm. Record department? ummm.

(I could hear the wheels turning in her head: whirrr... whirrrr... clink... thud.)

LOMWWW: Yes, you know a record store, a music store...
GSG: Oh! You mean a music store where they sell CD's?

LOMWWW: (Dammit Denny... a record store?? )
GSG: I think there might be one on the 2nd floor... no, maybe in the basement... no, I think it closed down. Sorry)

Hey now, if you read correctly, in the preface, I did not say she appeared to have any working brain cells.

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