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05 December 2005

Have You Ever Wanted...


omething so bad you could almost taste it? As you know, I have been trying forever to co-ordinate things between me and my daughters to go see the mummy, Nesperennub, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Things started off bad yesterday. I picked up the girls and we headed down to the museum. We got there at 10AM and discovered on Sundays it doesn't open until 11AM. After an eternity of waiting, the doors finally opened and in we went. Since I'm a member we go to a special line. Big deal. The guy at the desk said there was something that needed adjusting at the display and the 11AM tour was postponed until 12 noon. Now we had to kill another hour. We went to the butterfly museum at the end of the hall and saw a gazillion butterflies all happily flying around. The girls went through it in record speed... 15 minutes.

We got out of there and there is a McDonald's inside the museum and the girls were hungry. We ate... by the time we were finished it was time! Finally after months of trying, and the extra added hours we were finally going to see Mr. Nesperennub, high priest of Egypt. BUT before we got into the main exhibition we had to watch a movie about Nesperennub... AND the movie was 3D. My oldest daughter for the first few minutes wouldn't put the glasses on... finally she did. My youngest said the movie was making her sick and put the glasses on at 5 minute intervals. The movie was kinda/sorta interesting as we went through his body and watched his brain being pulled out through his nose, etc. At this point, even I was getting a bit queasy. OK... movietime was over... onto the MUMMY!!

As we entered the chamber, the first thing we saw was the mummy... well, almost. What we saw was the mummy's "casket" or overbox, which was all painted and decorated in the style you would expect. And ummmm... that was it for the mummy. We saw the box that held the mummy and the mummy was inside which we didn't see.

Now don't get upset, there were other things to see and oooo and aaahhh about. For example the next display showed the lid to his wife's casket... nothing else, just the lid. How impressive was that?

The other rooms which were darkened and only a spotlight on the display cases showed statues... which for the most part were reproductions with a note that the real statues were in Egypt. I couldn't contain myself.

Mercifully it was over as we exited into the gift shop. THEN, the girls got excited. Little Egyptian statues for $20 and t-shirts proclaiming "I Love My Mummy"... please shoot me now.

After we got back into the car and driving back I asked, "So guys, what did you think?" There was a deafening pause... and I think I heard one say "ummm, it was nice."

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