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03 December 2005

How Do You...


verdose on Heroin? I'm serious... I'd like to know. Now don't get upset... I'm not going over the edge here. But unfortunately my cousin's 21 year old daughter did... last Monday night... at home... in her bedroom. Her funeral was yesterday, Friday.

Here was a young woman in her senior year of college, her whole life ahead of her, and this happens. My cousin is a partner in a large accounting firm, his son is an accountant and I believe in the same firm. My cousin's daughter was, I assume, going into the same firm.

This is not part of the progression of the way things are supposed to happen... not be jumping around in generations.

D... may you rest in peace... because I know your parents are not living in peace now... and they never will.

Observations and Questions
I'm serious... I want to know how a person overdoses? If you are addicted and you take heroin... don't you know how much you take? If you take dunno 6 cc... don't you know to always take 6 cc? and not 8 or 9?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1943, Valerie Perrine, Galveston TX, actress (Slaughterhouse 5). And in the dismal death notices we find in 1894, Robert Louis Stevenson, English writer, (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), dies from a cerebral hemorrhage at 45.
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