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20 December 2005

How To Ruin A...

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erfectly nice day... go to a VA Hospital for help. The day before I left for Philly last week I developed a slight earache. That night I filled a hot water bottle up and slept on it all night. The ear felt fine the next day for my trip. All the time I was up visiting, my ear would fill up, drain, etc. But not enough to stop me from enjoying myself.

Back in Houston, it started hurting again. Then it began discharging a really foul smelling substance. Carefully using a q-tib I proceeded to gently clean the ear out of some kind of junk... I also noticed that the tip of the q-tib was getting a little pinkish... to me that meant blood. Junk and smelly stuff and wax were ok, but not even a hint of blood was or is acceptable. This was Sunday night and I figured I better get my butt to the VA Hospital in the morning. On Sunday I called the VA to find out what time the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic opened. The woman said 8AM, but sometimes they get there and open at 7:30AM.

Wanting to be first to be seen I get there at 7:15AM. Of course because I am first they don't open until 8:10AM. I tell the receptionist my problem and she says today is "cancer only" day and for me to go down to Triage. I should have known. To me Triage is the "let's see if this guy is really sick" department and I wasn't wasting my time there. So I walked over to the "walk-in" clinic. Filled out the paper and sat down... and waited, and waited and waited. The nurse comes out, calls three names of guys that came in after me, then she disappeared. I asked the clerk and she just shrugged. I told her to tell the nurse that I needed to go to another hospital to be seen and walked out. Typical VA care.

Trust me there is more to this story but I'll spare you the details.

Observations and Questions
Have you ever had a similar experience with a hospital or a doctor?

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