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21 December 2005

I Got A Wink!...

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he took it in her hand and slowly guided it in... sooooo slow. She stopped and said she just didn't want to shove it all the way in real fast. I agreed. She's done this before I thought...

I held up my right hand to my ear... she asked what I was doing and I replied that I wanted to see if the light shined through. I could tell she didn't have a sense of humor. Carefully she examined my ear... and said, "wow, it's pretty bad in there." I told her she should be on this side of the pain. Bottom line... major infection, with slight complications. The slight complications being the blood. The Dr. said it's rare but it does happen, and not a major big deal.

She said everything in there was swollen and tender. She said she would normally clean out the junk but since things were such a mess in there she didn't want to torture me. I went along with that...

She prescribed medicine, anti-biotics and ear drops. This medicine should clear things up in about a week. If the meds didn't, then I needed to come back and see her next Thursday. As I was leaving, I turned to say "thanks and bye" She replied," you're very welcome" and then she winked. Winked? I never had a doctor wink at me before. I did have a male nurse wink at me once after an examination for a hernia...

Was she toying with my emotions, being as vulnerable as I was? Did she have some sort of eye affliction or nervous twitch?

Now for the hard part. I had to go back to the Gestapo House of Comedy oooppsss. did I say that? I meant the VA to get the prescriptions filled. Why the VA? Because I pay $0 for meds there. Case closed? Not on your life.

I go and turn the scripts in... and wait an hour for them to be filled. They have a TV screen with names scrolling when your meds are finished and ready for pick-up. There's my name! They're done. I rush to the window, the girl takes my card and disappears into the back. She comes out and looks in the computer and goes away again. Comes back and checks another computer and goes away. Out she comes and I said, "Please don't look at another computer and disappear... what's the problem?" She told me that the screen says my meds are done but she can't find them. I figure, it's the VA why should I be so surprised? There's some guy in Texas taking ear pills for his damaged heart problem now.

Finally, she's typing and said she has to re-enter the prescriptions all over again and I have to wait another hour. Yeah, right.

There was a sign on the wall that said they would only hold meds for 3 days and then return them to stock. Good enough for me... I left and now will go back today for the stuff. I have a 1 o'clock for the Neurology department... I can kill 2 birds with one stone...

Why do I have this nagging feeling that this isn't over yet?

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