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22 December 2005

'Tis The Season..

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a la la la bah humbug! I swear this will be my last negative posting until after the New Year. I am wearing myself down reliving these incidents by writing about them the next day. I only had two things to do yesterday. Go to Target and get "Moon Shoes" for my youngest daughter and head to the VA for a neurology appointment and pick up some meds as I mentioned in yesterday's blog.

First Target... after searching for an agonizingly painful 10 minutes, I finally broke down and asked a clerk if they had them. She giggled and said "yes". I asked what they were... she laughed and said they put them on their feet, blow them up and then can bounce around the room. My mind fast forwarded to her bouncing around, falling and hitting her head on a table or something. Out the window went the "Moon Boots."

I saw the Homer Simpson version of the old game "Clue." Now that might be fun and I bought it. After picking up a Brittany Spears CD for her, I was finally done!!

Now for the VA. Things were going great... I go to the Neurology clinic and they want to put me in a Cognitive Group. I don't know, don't ask. After that I go to the med dispensing place. Talk about a long line... geez it never ended. I knew I was NOT going to get at the end of it... wherever it was. "End of the line pal," the clerk snarled. I looked at her and said, "I am NOT getting to the end of the line. I was here yesterday and you couldn't find my meds, now I am back... and I am not getting to the end of the line AGAIN."

She looked at me and we started the great stare-off contest. Who could outlast the other in a stare-down. I crossed my arms. I was serious, I would stand there all day rather than find the end of the line. Stare, stare, stare... "give me your card" she snapped. She went into the back. Now I already know once she found my pills, she opened them and spit on each one and reclosed the cap. She came out and handed them to me and told me to have a nice day. Yep, she spit on them.

I get home and emailed my ex-wife to tell her I had to get Homer's Clue. I got an email back that said, "Sorry, I already got that for her." Me back: "I don't care, she now has 2 Homer Clue games... one will be a spare." Her back: "Fine, whatever."

I will be soooooooooooo glad when this merry season is finally over. Oh, and if anyone is looking for me today I will be over at Target returning the crappy Homer game.

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