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30 December 2005

Well Friends...


nother year is coming very close to being placed into the history book of time. Quite frankly, for the entire world, this year really sucked big time. I watched a TV show last night that was a retro-spective on 2005. I kept sitting there thinking they must be saving the positive things for the end. Then when the credits were rolling I thought that perhaps there had to be a Part 2.

From hurricane Katrina wiping out New Orleans, the Tsunami, war all over the planet (pick a country, any country). From Mad cow disease... no wait, that was a few years ago... I meant the Bird Flu to the re-immergence of Smallpox....

This past year was a banner year for aliens visiting us from other planets. Why won't the governments of the world admit this? The answer is simple. Technology. We advanced ourselves way beyond our capabilities in 1947 at Roswell. If we told the world we really did get our hands on aliens and a UFO, then we would have to share the information. God forbid, sharing information for the betterment of mankind... that surely would be horrible and devastating.

Now I wish I hadn't started this blog entry because I don't know how to end it... or even where I am going with it. Not that I have those answers any other day either. Laugh.

I am positive that God is sitting up in heaven, with His head in His hands, and asking Saint Michael, "Ok, once more Mike... why did I create this?"

Observations and Questions
So.... are you glad this year is almost finished and why?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1942, Michael Nesmith, Houston, rocker/actor (Monkees-Last Train to Clarksville). HOUSTON?? I honestly thought this guy was from Great Britain. And in our death notices we find little Ling-Ling. The 1st panda China gave US, dies at 23 in 1992.

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