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06 December 2005

Well, Here I Go...


gain... As many of you know, I go to see a psychiatrist at the VA Hospital every month or so. No, I'm not nuts or crazy. I just need to kinda focus on the positive things in life. About 2 years ago the psych thought maybe I needed "group therapy." I humored her and went. I actually found this soooo interesting, I had to stop going.

The first time I went I had to introduce myself to the group and then tell them my life story... which I hated... I do not like talking about myself, which I think is evident sometimes on this blog. I'll talk about everything else but rarely my feelings, etc. Anyway after the initial visit, the next visit was interesting. The guy next to me had ghosts in his house and he would sit and chat with them. Another guy couldn't stand the voices in his house and especially the ones coming from his TV set. OK, you get the idea of what I was up against. How could my stories ever top these?

I became too engrossed in the other peoples' problem and found myself asking them questions which the psych loved because I was getting these guys to talk... everyone was talking, except me. I still do not know what the objective of the focus group was... and now I am repeating it all over again.

Tomorrow at 2PM I go for Depression Education... don't ask, I don't have a clue what it is... then from that meeting I'll be integrated into another "focus group."

My ideal focus group would be a group of nymphomaniacs, but since it is a VA Hospital, that's not going to happen.

Observations and Questions
Have you ever been to a psycho-group? Seriously depressed and on meds?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1948, JoBeth Williams, Houston TX, actress (Kramer vs Kramer, Poltergeist). And in the death notices we have one of my all time favorites, in 1988 Roy Orbison, US Rock singer (Pretty Woman, Only the Lonely), dies of a massive heart attack at 52.
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