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16 December 2005

Where Am I?...

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ell, last night I decided to go up to my son's house in Philly for dinner. Told him I would be there by 5:30AM... uh huh...

As I left the motel room it started to snow with a mixture of freezing rain. I should have ended my trip right there. But no, I decided it probably really wasn't that bad... so off I went. I no sooner got on the freeway to head into Philly, when it started blizzarding and the freezing rain turned into ice cubes. I figured this might be a good time to turn around...

I got off the freeway and decided not to go back on the freeway in the opposite direction because of the heavy traffic coming out of Philly. So, I did the next best thing and look for back roads. BIG MISTAKE. I was soooooo lost. The more lost I got, the heavier the rain, snow and hail the size of what seemed like basketballs kept coming down. I went through towns I never knew existed.

After an hour of driving around and going up and down dirt roads that hadn't been used since Washington marched the troops through back in 1776. I finally saw a small dimly lit bar on a corner... I was going to pull in for directions, but changed my mind when I saw about 30 motorcycles in the parking lot. I'll stay lost for a bit more maybe.

Then I saw a sign that mentioned a town I knew and decided to follow that for awhile. I figured I better call my son and let him know I was touring South Jersey. I dialed and was cut off before the first ring. Re-dialed and re-re-dialed. Then it dawned on me he had his phone number changed and I never programed it into my cell phone.

Finally about 2 hours later I spotted a road I recognized, turned and got back to the motel in one piece.

Now here it is about 5AM EST and it's about time I head out for breakfast... assuming the roads have been cleared... uh huh.

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