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29 December 2005

Woe Is Me...


epent! The end is near. I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this... the end of the world is coming. Yep... it was on television last night, so it must be true. Now, what the hell... it's the end of the year, nothing to do last night... might as well sit and watch some educational television.

Honest, you know I wouldn't lie about something like this.

I am such a sucker for things... I was exercising my remote finger and landed on the History channel. They just happened to have a special on the end of the world. What the heck, it is the end of a miserable year and almost the beginning of another one... how bad could this be?

One of the segments featured a thing that we're all familiar with... you know the puzzles that have letters in a row horizontal and vertical? Then you have to find the hidden words which could be backwards, up and down, forward, etc? The Bible is FULL of these things. Honest. There are people all over the world that do nothing but seek these things out. Since this only deals with the old testament there are a lot of Rabbi's doing this. They're not in order, just the words are all there in these sections. They have divided the Bible into two puzzles per section. There were things like: KENNEDY ASASSINATED OSWALD RUBY. And how about: TWIN DESTROYED TOWERS. Another cool one: WORLD WAR 300 MILLION DEAD. Then there it was... they just had to ruin my night... WORLD THE END 2010.

2010???? That's right down the road! Now if you know your basic Nostradomus, while he didn't quite predict the end of the world, he did stop his forcasting at 3715... Now someone is really wrong here.

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Who do you believe? The Bible or Nostradomus?

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