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25 January 2006



es, faithful blog readers, it's happened again. Very late last night I put the finishing touches on an outstanding blog entry for this morning. I decided to go to bed and figured I would put the finishing touches on it when I woke up this morning.

"911, what's your emergency?" --- "good morning, someone stole my blog"

Lo and behold when I woke up this morning... it was gone! I have been searching everywhere... I even looked in my directory where I hide all of my porn. Not there either.

I swear... I know this looks to you as if I had nothing to write about and just made up this story to cover my laziness.

It's true, honest, pinky swear even.

Observations and Questions
If you or someone you know may have information that leads to the capture of the mysterious blog stealer, please call the FBI and tell them. HUGE reward offered!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices On This Date
Born this date in 1882, Virginia [Adeline] Woolf, London, author (Jacob's Room, To the Lighthouse). And in our illustrious death notices on this date we find in 1947, Al Capone, Chicago gangster, dies of syphilis at 48. Yuck.

Fast forward to a small and nearly empty room somewhere in Quantico, VA. A brillant yet annoying 25 watt bulb at one end of the room shines on the subject. His head is lowered in shame. The agent looks disgustingly at the criminal who is in chains. He demands an answer to his question: "You were just too lazy to write a blog this morning, weren't you? You thought you could get away with just waking up and acting as if you wrote something."

The chained criminal slowly raises his head in shame...

"Yes" he cries out. "I admit it, I woke up this morning and had nothing to write about... I thought I could get away with it. Now please! Please stop this insidious torture!"

Oh, the wicked web of deceit we weave.

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