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22 January 2006



iterally, well... kinda/sorta. Actually, I may perhaps be behind the times in this department, since I am no longer a Trustee of the old Kensington Burial Grounds back in Philadelphia. I try and stay current on the latest in fads for funerals, burials and such... you know, so I can appear interesting to people I meet at parties.

Normally, when a person dies, they are buried, cremated or even shot into outer space now as has Gene Roddenbury of Star Trek. Okay now... hold on to your hats, as this is where we take a sudden left turn. No more turning your loved one into worm food... gone are the days of having the dearly departed in a box or urn sitting on your mantle. Now you can have them hung on the wall with pride!

The newest craze in funery... no, not FUN ery... but funery as in funerals. Let's say your dear, elderly, loving Aunt Olga has died. What to do you ask? Fear not... there are artist leaping all over this canvas we call earth. They will spend a day with you during your bereavement to talk about the recently deceased.

you're gonna do what with me after I'm gone?

Once they get an idea of the type of person they are dealing with... they will take dear Aunt Olga's ashes back to the studio.... where the artist will paint something that Aunt Olga liked while on this earth. Once the last paint-stroke is applied the painting would normally be finished. Not in this case...

Let's assume the painting is a nice lake scene; trees, leaves, a nice long dirt road or people rowing a boat. The artist will take some of the ashes of Aunt Olga and sprinkle them alongside the roadway. That's right, as a dirt road. Or perhaps Aunt Olga liked mountains... you guessed it, her ashes will now become a part of the mountain range in the distance. Glued onto the freshly painted picture for eternity. Think of the possibilities. If Aunt Olga was an archeologist, she could now be part of the Great Pyramid... forever.

Whatever is leftover gets carefully swept back into the urn. When dry, you get the completed painting, ready to hang over your fireplace or other place that Aunt Olga liked.

Observations and Questions
Now do I even have to ask the question here? Have you experienced this? would you? so, whatcha think of the weather?

Musical Selection Commentary
Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show has nothing to do with today's blog topic. I came across it last night looking for something to occupy my mind. It's still in there rumbling around, plus I like it. LOL

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices On This Date
Born this date in 1832 Edouard Manet, France, Impressionist painter (Dejeuner sur L'Herbe). And in our artistic death notices we find in 1947, Pierre Bonnard, French painter/illustrator, dies at 79.

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