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10 January 2006

Far Be It For Me...


o toot my own horn, but..... When I was in politics I usually had someone that did that. lol. However, now that I am out of the limelight and a nobody, it excites me when I find out I am now museum stuff. That's right, you read right. Me, little Denny Shane from Fishtown is in a national museum known the world over for it's historical books and papers.

A long, long, long time ago I was on the Board of Trustees of an old cemetery in Philly, The Kensington Burial Grounds which was founded in 1732. Today it is the oldest, STILL ACTIVE cemtery in the entire United States.

Back in 1977 I decided that I would write a book about the place and all proceeds would be donated for the upkeep of the cemetery. Yesterday I got a real shock when my daughter in Philly emailed me and told me my book and name was in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's library and published on-line. I was astonished. A simple few sentences, it read:

Shane, Dennis J. The History of the Kensington Burial Ground, Palmer Cemetery, Founded in 1732. Philadelphia: Smith-Edwards-Dunlap Co., 1977. UPA/Ph F 158.61 .K46 S53 1977

If you would prefer to see the actual listing, in person, you can see it at:

Big Shot Denny Shane

You just have to scroll down the list until you see my name.

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