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28 January 2006



ell, I swore I would never do anymore of these but as usual, I crashed (translated: no will power) and have done a few that I thought were interesting and good for a weekend posting. So enjoy them and now you'll know what I am really like! I know, I know, y'all thought I was this suave and debonair guy from Philly/Houston... now you'll know the truth. LOL

Your travel type: Travel Yup

Denny Shane likes exotic and adventurous travel, but prefers cities with fast paced life. Having a keen interest in other cultures and always brings home a few souvenirs, legal but mostly illegal.

Shopping in Bangkok, getting a tailor made suite in Kuala Lumpur, that's the kind of thing Denny Shane is into. Even though he likes to get away, he prefers his travels to be comfortable.

Top Destinations:

Kelly Monaco's Pad

Denny's Do Not Go Advice:

North Korea
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Observations and Questions
So there ya have it folks... the real Denny Shane... oh the humility of it all. So, did anything surprise and amaze you? LOL

Extra Point Question
Oh go ahead... you KNOW you want to see what your porn name is... but ya gotta come back and tell me! lol

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