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04 January 2006

Happy First Wednesday!...


es folks, Happy Hump Day... it's the first Wednesday of the new year. And I've got lots to do today... unfortunately it's all at my most favorite place in the whole world... the VA Hospital. Ugh...

My first stop is to meet with a therapist to determine which psych group to assign me to... there are 10 groups... one is Depression Education. I'm sure that's where I am headed. The other workshops are: Bipolar Education, Preventing Conflicts, Anger Management, Stress Management, Recovery Skills, Effective Communications, Thought Disorder, Coping with Change and Grief Problems. As most of you already know, my first "group theraphy" try was a disaster and I left it... that was about 2 years ago so I guess they figure they'll give me a 2nd chance.

Next stop is the records department. The good thing about the VA is that you can go and get all of your hospital and doctor records free of charge. Every so often I stop by and bring my records up to date. This way I can sit and browse through the records, at home, and see what these doctors are really saying about me.

Then onto the Pharmacy department. I need to find out where my pills are that I ordered 2 weeks ago.

Then on the way back I need to stop at the apartment complex office to pay my rent. The rent is also going up as of March 1st. My 2nd year here, last year, they didn't raise the rent. This year they are raising it $25.00. By law they can only raise it as high as $25 per month. I also found out that my particular unit is now going for more than $200 per month higher than what I am paying right now and fortunately for me they can't raise it to that level until after I move out.

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