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02 January 2006

Once Again We...


re gathered here...and it's a New Year... Happy 2006! I guess the obvious question now would be: How did you spend New Year's Eve and Day?

New Year's Eve was very quiet for me. Just me and Dick Clark. He looked exceptionally well. A little trouble speaking but understandable. Good for him! It's amazing how strokes affect people in different ways. Some can't speak, some can't walk... or both. No co-ordination... it can be terrible. I've been soooo lucky with mine. Every so often I might have a problem with a word or two... walking distances can be a problem as well. Anyway, that's not what today's blog is about.

Today is the day you can leave comments and write all about your New Year's Eve and Day... What did you do? Party? Home-body? Give up drinking again? Big dinner?

Years ago I dated a girl who served Black-eyed Peas with dinner on New Year's Day.... BLECCCHHH!!! They are on my permanent top 5 list of foods never to eat... right next to Liver.

New Year's day for me was pretty quiet also. Between channel surfing, computer surfing... I pretty much thought my life sucks. LOL The high-light was getting to watch the Philadelphia Mummers for at least 2 hours on WGN. What are the Mummers you ask? I'll save that for another posting.

Observations and Questions
So... did you make any New Year resolutions that have already gone horribly wrong and plan on breaking by next week?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1930, Julius LaRosa, Brooklyn NY, singer (fired by Arthur Godfrey on the air). And on that old dusty trail to cowboy heaven, in 1974, Tex Ritter, country singer (5 Star Jubilee), dies at 67.

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