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29 January 2006



ear Asshole: Yes you... the guy that keeps making me sit and erase your stupid airline reservations from my comments section... After erasing 30 of your stupid damn advertisements for your irritating advertisements at 2:00AM when I woke up... I am pissed.

When I first started this blog I allowed 2 days then I clicked on the 'do not allow' comments button. Then after a few months I got lazy and stopped doing it.

However, because of you, I'll now cut off comments after a blog entry is 2 days old. Yes, after 417 blog entries on the Not So Normal News I am resorting to my old tactics.

I really don't want to install the cryptic letter thing in order to stop your advertising and inconvenience my readers and posters... but I will if you continue.

However, if you would like to advertise on my blog... email me. I can set up very attractive advertising rates, just for you.

Trust me, I will find out who you are... you won't be making these postings anymore... I guarantee it.

Extra Point Question
So what do you do to keep these people from advertising?


What the hell kind of court is Iraq running over there? I am so damn sick and tired of Saddam Hussein getting his panties in a bunch and walking out of the court room... he should be banned from the room unless he is hogtied. The latest walkout happened within minutes of the trial resuming, Abdel-Rahman ejected Saddam's former intelligence chief, Barzan al-Tikriti, after he refused to keep quiet and called the trial "a daughter of a whore." Barzan was dragged out by court guards.

The defense team protested that they were being treated unfairly and threatened to leave. "If you leave then you can't come back for future sessions," Abdel-Rahman told them.

Saddam's chief lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said the U.S.-sponsored court was illegal and "run by the Americans." He and his colleagues then left the courtroom. When some of the defendants stood up to leave as well, Abdel-Rahman told security guards to sit them down.

"I want to leave," Saddam, dressed in a dark suit and collared shirt, told the judge.

"Then leave," said Abdel-Rahman.

"It is a tragedy. I led you for 35 years. How can you lead me out of court?" Saddam asked.

"You wanted to leave," the judge replied shortly, after which Saddam left. He was followed by his former vice president, Taha Yassin Ramadan.

Now excuse me now while I leave, go jump into bed, put the pillow over my head and SCREAM!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices On This Date
Born this date in 1880, W C Fields, [William Claude Dukenfield] Philadelphia PA. And in our death notices we find in 1964 Alan Ladd, actor, (Shane - when this movie came out I honestly thought it was about my family. lol), dies at 50 in Palm Springs CA

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