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16 January 2006

The Truth Comes Out...


inally! As a public service to all of my faithful readers at the Not So Normal News, I once again am blowing the lid off a well guarded secret. It's been a secret simply because no one ever discusses it. What is "it" you're asking? Well, "it" is house dust. I'm talking normal, everyday, run of the mill dust. You wipe and polish every week and the next week it's right back. Where does it come from?

This has puzzled me for a long time, and I am NOT happy I found the answer. I even wrote to the House Cleaning Hints Editor at Playboy. I didn't receive any answer. So much for me reading the copies my barber sets out for his patrons to read. Plus he always hollars "Next" at very in-opportune times. I wonder if this is why I have had 2 strokes... I think about important stuff way too hard? lol... Anyway...

80% of all dust comes from... you ready for this?... your dead skin cells. GAG. That's right... your dead skin cells, your neighbors when they come visit. Those dirty, filthy friends of your kids. The dust which collects in houses is composed of atmospheric dust combined with dust generated by the inhabitants, mostly from sloughed skin cells. Skin Cells!!! Dead skin cells!!

House dust mites, often found in fibers like carpets and beds, feed on the organic components of house dust. Their feces, in turn, become part of house dust and can provoke allergic reactions in humans. You are breathing in dust feces!!

"Oh look honey, here's some dead dust feces your Aunt Olga left last night." GAG.. double GAG.

Observations and Questions
Do I even have to comment here? When will you be dusting this week? Remember when you do dust, you are wiping away some of your family history.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born in 1935, A J Foyt, Houston TX, auto race driver (Indy 500 1961, 64, 67, 77). And in our death notices of past we find in 1972, David Seville [Ross Bagdasarian], (Alvin & Chipmunks), dies at 52.

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