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28 February 2006



veryone has, right? Man, lemme tell ya... I woke up at 11 last night and ran to the bathroom... got there... and nothing. So I went back to sleep. At midnight, up again racing to the bathroom. Nothing. Took some TUMS and back into bed. At 1AM, guess what? Yep, up again and into the bathroom... zilch, nada, zero. I was so pissed. Pissed that I didn't throw up! LOL I thought back to what I may have eaten for dinner. I only had a bowl of Simply Asia Garlic Sesame Rice Noodle Soup. I doubt it could have been that. Maybe the 2 chocolate covered dougnuts for dessert? Nah, couldn't be...

Here it is now 5 AM and still nothing and my stomach feels like crap and so queasy... I'm thinking Exlax now. Unfortunately I don't have any on hand. Ugh, I don't feel like getting dressed and going to Walgreen's. I wonder if they would get mad if I called and asked if they delivered?

On another note... as y'all know I entered my Chicken and Egg painting over on Last Girl's blog. I didn't win as the Worst Art. The only reason I can think of as to why I didn't win was because my little painting isn't bad at all. It must be great, right? I am writing a letter with a copy of my painting enclosed to the Louvre in Paris. I think my Chicken and Egg would only stand to enhance any Picasso they may have hanging.

Well friends, that's all I can muster this morning. I'm off to... well, you know.

Observations and Questions
Any advice for my sick, sick tummy? And don't try to be funny by telling me I'm pregnant. That's impossible. I haven't had sex for 5 yea... wait, what is sex anyway?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1928, none other than the man himself, Smokey The Bear. And in the death notices we find in 1968, Frankie Lymon singer, dies at 25.
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