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07 February 2006



an, yesterday I should have not complained about the lack of sleep I was getting. Around 3PM yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap. BIG mistake. During my nap I vaguely remember waking up and looking at the alrm clock. 5PM... I thought that I should get up.... the next thing I remember was waking up again, only this time it was 2:30AM... 2:30AM!!!

i would have slept through the end of the world

Holy crap! My little afternoon nap lasted 11.5 hours!!

However, on the positive side, when I woke up at 2:30, I didn't have to turn on the TV, lights, computer... nothing... because they were all still on.

Made the coffee and here I am wide awake, raring to go, full of pep and energy!

Observations and Questions
Has this ever happened to you? Did anything happen yesterday or last night that I need to know?

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