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25 February 2006



sually when I start off by saying "good morning" you already know I have nothing to write about. Huh? First, however, I want to thank everyone who voted for my Chicken and Egg painting over on Last Girl's blog, but I think I lost. It was pretty hot 'n heavy there for awhile but then a dark horse came out of nowhere and took the lead. I do however, believe there is a slim chance and you can go vote again, today at Last Girl on Earth for my really ugly 'Chicken and Egg' original oil painting.

Attention! Attention!

Please go to Last Girl's Blog and vote for me again. PLEASE! Due to some malfunction in the system, the counters had to be reset to 0 all over again. If you voted for me yesterday, please go back and vote for me today. Contest ends Sunday night!

However I did make 2 new friends who entered their own art. So in the end, I did win anyway. I met Jessica from Daughter of Opinion and Jane from The Laughing Frog Please go and say hiya to them and don't forget to tell them I sent ya! Who knows, maybe they'll leave me something in their Wills.

Plus the excercise gave me an idea... I'm in the process of scanning my paintings and making postcards out of them. That might be pretty cool.

Observations and Questions
Any plans for the weekend? Plus, this question just added at 6:57 CST: Am I the only person that thinks the potential of adding people on skiis being pulled by dogs on a snow trail should NOT be in the Olympics? They are actually thinking about this one. Where's the 'sport' in that?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Il Compleanno Felice, l'Enrico... Born this day in 1873, Enrico Caruso Naples Italy, operatic tenor. And in the death notices for today in 1983, Tennessee Williams, writer, (Streetcar Named Desire), chokes to death on a bottle cap at 71.
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