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18 February 2006



veryone has something going on within their blogs. Deni over at Last Girl has the ugly art contest, Michele has a deal where when you post on her blog you look at the name before you, go to that person's blog and leave a comment that Michele (thanks kenju) sent you. Now THAT is clever. Then of course we have the whole Half Naked Thursday deal going on. I sent in a picture of me half naked and they sent it back saying "stop being funny, this is a serious contest."

Ok folks... this is where you come into play. I need your ideas! That's right, I'm going to host a contest or something and YOU are going to supply me with the idea! Now how cool is that? Heck, I might even name the contest after you.

Ok lemme think now... I got it! How about butt of the week? Send in a picture of your unadorned, naked butt and I'll post it on here with no names. This way if you've ever wanted to expose your butt but didn't know how, this is the perfect opportunity! Anonyminity guaranteed! You can send your ex a picture of how you really feel about them! Or your boss? ex-mother in law? teacher? The possibilities are endless! This one has merit... I'd like to thank myself for coming up with the idea.

Observations and Questions
Ok guys, put on your thinking caps... what can you come up with? In the meantime, tell everyone that Denny Shane, that's sent you! lol

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1957, Vanna White [Rosich], North Myrtle Beach, SC, TV game show hostess (Wheel of Fortune). And rounding out our death notices we have in 2001, [Ralph] Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR driver/"The Intimidator", dies in crash during Daytona 500 at 49.
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