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02 February 2006



elieve it or not. Yes, me... a mild-mannered person living life in Houston has had his mouth jacked open... wide. I had already written and posted my blog entry for today about... Groundhog Day. It was lame and boring... but being a former native of Pa., I thought it my duty.

denny shane is finally shocked

That is until I read a story about Supreme Court Justive Sam Alito and one of his very first decisions yesterday.

Hold on you your seats please... this ride is gonna be a catastrophe.

Michael Taylor, currently a guest of the state of Missouri was scheduled to be executed last night. He wasn't... why you ask? Justice Alito sided with the majority by turning down the state's request to execute Taylor by lethal injection. It was a 6-3 vote.

Taylor was convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder of a 15 year old girl as she waited for her school bus in 1989.

The reason for the halt to the execution?? This is where your socks and any other articles of clothing will be knocked off.... Are you sitting down? Good, now get off the chair and lay on the floor because that's where you're gonna be in a few seconds... the reason... the three drugs used to perform the execution carry the risk of.... undue suffering.... which could be cruel and unusual punishment. What's next, that the needle insertion is savage and hurts too much?

What the....

Ler me ask you, Michael Taylor... did you give a rat's ass about the cruel and undue suffering YOU imposed on that girl when you and your friend repeatedly raped her? I guess you thought it merciful to put her out of her suffering after you raped her by murdering her. You scumbag... I'd have your balls and dick cut off and shoved in your mouth before executing you.

Alito has a daughter... I just wonder if...

Now look, my Groundhog Day's celebration has been totally ruined!

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