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08 February 2006



an you imagine that? I mean really now, Michael Jackson singing on Pope John Paul's new CD? There is something just soooooo wrong in so many ways with this prospect.

i'll give it an 85. kinda hard to dance to and i don't like the beat.

John Paul is doing flip flops in his grave. On Monday, an Italian priest who runs a music label specializing in religious songs indicated that Jackson might be one of several artists to sing on a CD made up of Pope John Paul II's prayers set to music.

"It is only a hope, an idea," the Rev. Giuseppe Moscati told the Associated Press of his plans for the album, which would be released via the Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio label.

As consumed as he's been with his move to Bahrain, job hunt and various outings to shopping malls, it's understandable that Jackson hasn't found the time to respond to Moscati's inquiries. (Or to finish up his Hurricane Katrina relief single. But that's entirely another matter.)

The present Pope Benedict hasn't weighed in yet on this proposal. I think that will be interesting. Hey... I just thought... doesn't Scott Peterson play drums?

Observations and Questions
You know, very little in this world makes my eyes pop open... Considering ALL of the church's problems of late, I would think this is the one person that would not be on the label.

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Born this date in 1924, Audrey Meadows, Wu Chang, China, actress (Alice-Honeymooners). And in the death notices in 1956, Connie Mack, baseball manager (Philadelphia A's, 1901-50), dies at 93.

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