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24 February 2006



s you remember, Deni Bonet aka Last Girl on Earth is running a contest over on her blog for the worst art. I did my part and entered my 'chicken and egg' original painting that I did about 25 years ago. Now it's time for you to stand up and be counted and go vote... for my painting of course. I think this is the venue I need to become a world-class artist. Imagine, my 'chicken and egg' hanging in the Louve someday.

I thank you and my poor, invalid, Aunt Olga who lives alone in the 'home' thanks you. She said to me just yesterday when I sent her a few pennies I saved to give to her for food... she said, "Denny me boy, the greatest wish I have in life now is that you win the contest and become famous." Now honestly folks, how could you disappoint poor Aunt Olga? I thank you, Aunt Olga thanks you, even her 18 cats, 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, 1 hamster thanks you. Vote for Chicken and Egg Painting.


I had a really good posting for today lined up, but then I went to bed and when I woke up at 4AM, I couldn't remember what it was... Anyway, I am still thinking about my contest here... As soon as I decide I'll post it right here!

Oh... this is neat. Remember awhile back the whole postcard thing with bloggers? You sent your address to a blogger and everyone sent postcards to each other? Believe it or not there is an actual website where you can submit your name and address... and then you can start sending and receiving postcards from all over the world. The website is Postcrossing - The Postcard Crossing Project If you need a hobby, this might be it. God knows I need something, so I signed up and have sent 6 so far around the world. Hey, if you want a homemade postcard from ME, just email me at with your name and address and I'll send ya one!

P.S. Please be assured that your name and address will remain private. It will not be sold or traded. Well, unless you are really hot and I can get $5 for it.

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Born this day in 1946, Barry Bostwick, San Mateo CA, actor (Rocky Horror Picture Show). And in the death notices we find on this date in 1998, Henny Youngman, comedian (Take my wife please), dies at 92.
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