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27 February 2006



ell now. I really need to thank Dawn for finding this little exercise at My Heritage

It seems you can upload a picture of yourself and the program will search it's database and viola!! It will produce famous people that have the same facial features as you. Of course I did it. There popped up 9 or 10 faces that supposedly I look like, or they look like me.

Trust me folks, if I thought for a minute I looked like Mira Sorvino or Laura Brannigan... I'd never leave my bedroom! It would have mirrors on the walls, the floor and the ceiling.

For the life of me I cannot see any resemblance between me and any of the other people.

Harry BellafonteJacques SantersLaura BranniganMikis TheodorakusMira SorvinoPierre Curie

Observations and Questions
So do you look like anyone famous?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 280 ad Constantine the Great, Holy Roman emperor, (306-37), adopted Christianity. And in the dusty death notices we find in 2003, Fred[erick McFeely] Rogers [Mr. Rogers] children's television host, dies from stomach cancer at 74.
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