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25 March 2006



or I have sinned. It's been 4 weeks since my last good confession. In the last month I have missed Mass 4 times, but I have watched the Rev. Willy Flamm on Sunday mornings, or is it Saturday or Wednesday night? Even though he is non-Catholic, he's good. Last week, I was so tempted to send him an email and inform him that God was a Catholic and he needed to convert over to our side. Is this a sin also?

Anyway, I have a few more sins to report... I have lied as well... 2 times in the last 2 days. It all started out innocently when I received this inquizical email from a lonely, desparate young lady in Russia. She was looking for true love, and you know me... always willing to help a lady in distress.

I wanted to go public with this sordid little affair and posted about it on my blog. But I didn't have the guts to admit to my readers that my ummmm friend was actually me! I am so ashamed.

I didn't want them to know what depths I had sunk... sank... sunken. If you want, you can read about my sordid affair in the postings from the last 2 days. You know I don't like to lie but I couldn't help myself. Just look at the traffic and remarks in my Comments section... why they number anywhere from 50 to 1,000. I was popular. I had women throwing themselves at me. Some sending me emails with pictures... totally, full frontal nudity of themselves. I was H.O.T. (and so were they).

I even sent my Olga an unretouched photo of myself, at right. Uh yeah, you can hold it. See my email to her below:

Dear Olga,
I am sending along a recent photo of myself. I hope you like it. In my last email to you I mentioned how important sex is between a man and a woman. If there is no compatibility sexually, then there cannot be much of anything else.

I hope you like my picture. I am anxiously hoping you write back.
De Name withheld to protect the innocent Denny

[Note to Readers]: I really did send Olga the above email and really did include the photo at right. And I really AM anxiously awaiting her response! lol

Ok, back to the story....

Three nights ago I woke up and found her email. Two nights ago I woke up again and found another email. Last night I anxiously woke up, expecting to find the nude pictures I had asked her for in my previous email. Not only were there no nude pictures, but there wasn't even an email. I think it's possible that my love affair with my vixen from across the sea has ended. Now I am besides myself.

However, I have not given up all hope. A real-life friend of mine raised the possibility that my Russian babinska was having some pictures taken, perhaps.

After seeing her with her female friend in the pictures below he was convinced they could be off in bed somewhere having mad, passionate sex together and having pictures taken of themselves. He assured me that the requested photos were probably winging their way across the water right now.

Well that's my confession for this week. What's my penance? Oh really? Since I tried to fool my readers you think my penance should be up to them? Well, ok...

Uh, what's that? You want me to autograph my picture to you?

Observations and Questions
Ok faithful readers, you heard the good man... what is the penance? Do you think Olga will really send me her nude pictures?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1921, Simone Signoret, Wiesbaden Germany, actress (Casque d'Or, Room at the Top). And in the death notices we find in 1918, Claude A Debussy, French composer (Iberia/La mer), dies in Paris France at 55.
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