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27 March 2006



es! Now I know that I must be irresistible to women... well, at least to Russian females who want to get to this country, at any cost. After an entire weekend of waiting... I woke up this morning and guess what? ...there it was waiting for me.

I was actually stunned. I was convinced after sending her the email with my unretouched photo below that I would never hear from her again. I don't know at this point who is more desperate, me for writing her or her for writing me back.

Sat, 25 Mar 2006

Dear Denny!

Thank you for your letter today! You know, when I went to the Internet Cafe, and I watched the streets, trees, people, I have felt, that the Spring finally came to Russia! The weather was still cold, but I felt, that ice on my heart is melting, and feelings, I forgot about, are waking up too... And of course, I began to think about you, and if would not find your letter, I would feel myself worse. But I have found it, and my mood became much better. It is so amazing, I feel, that I can everything now, may be even to fly! I feel like a little girl, but it is a pity, but I have to fly from the sky to the ground. I'll have a hard work day today, I came to the Internet Cafe at lunch time, because I think, that I won't have power to write to you in the evening. But I know, that today I'll do my best, and everything will be alright, because I have got so many positive energy now. I want to tell you that you're very good man and I like you very much. I hope, that my letters brings to you a little part of my warmth, which I am trying to put in it,because you make me feel not so lonely now. I'd like to tell you about my ordinary day here. It is rather boring for you, I can say. I work as an English teacher in ordinary school for kids from 7 to 16 years old.

I work 5 days a week, and sometimes on weekends, I work from 9-00 to 19-00 every day. I'm going on-line in the evening or sometimes in the morning, sometimes I use my lunch time to write to you, because I can't wait to see, will you answer or not. I use Internet Cafe to write to you, because I have no computer at home, I even have no phone at home, but it is ordinary thing in Russia. What else I can to say, I don't want to talk with you about my things here, they are simple, and every new day is like the same. You know, as we say here in Russia, we don't live, we have to survive :) So, I have to survive every day - in the morning, when I use bus to go to work, because Russian men don't know how to let woman to sit down in the full bus. I have some rest on my job, I like it, but my salary is about 1500 USD in year...

After my work, I have to think, how to save some money, and to buy cheapest and useful for me food, how to make tasty dinner with this. Oh, this thoughts sounds silly for you, may be... And when long day finally comes to the end, I read books, or watch TV a little, and when I go to bed, because I have to wake up at 7-00 to be able to get to my work.

And that's all, I forgot only visiting pool 2 or 3 times in week. Did I get you bored already? I hope not, but it is my life here. By the way my birthday is on December,28. I'm the only child of my mother and I haven't any brothers or sisters. I have to go now, I will wait for your respond impatiently.

Yours Olga

There are just a few little things that bother me about this latest letter. First of all she doesn't mention my ummm picture. At all.

Even though the snow is on the ground, she can feel the ice melting on her heart? And she thinks about me right away? Oh come on, jeez Has she even read the stupid emails I've sent her back?

Here comes the groundwork I think:

She only makes $1500 a year? A year??? That comes out to $28.00 a week???

And her birthday is December 28th (hint hint). I wonder what she would like for her birthday? Perhaps a marriage proposal and a trip to the U.S.?

I had to respond to her. God only knows I didn't want her crushed by not having an email from me when she went to the Internet Cafe tonight. It is below...

Dearest Olga,
After sending you my picture I was worried that I would not hear from you. In your last email you never mentioned it. I would think it would help warm you up on those cold, icy days you mentioned. Did you like it?

I thought situations were much better in Russia since the break-up of the Communist state. How do you feel about it? I will write more later, I promise.

OMG! I may have really screwed up. I just realized when I sent the above email I did not uncheck the "signature" on my email, at the bottom. Normally when I send email it has.... my blogsite address!! I am soooooooooo screwed.

Observations and Questions
Did you think she would write again after my emails below? My next step?
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