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27 March 2006



es, and sadly I think while this has had a good run, I really do have to end it all... soon. Basically I am a good person and I never knowningly deceive someone. Maybe I am being desperate myself since I've been divorced 6 years now and need female interaction. Yeah I know you're sitting there laughing thinking "oh yeah, this coming from a former politician." But it's true, I swear. Maybe Olga is scamming me, I don't know. I look at her picture and think, this woman is just way too good looking NOT be able to find a guy in Russia. I look at my emails to her, and in particular my photo and I think I've come to a conclusion. I don't think she is reading them.

I've been doing a lot of reading up on Russian dating and "mail-order brides." It's a pathetic picture actually. It seems these women go through a "clearing house" of sorts in Russia. Many do not have computers or even telephones at home... so they go to internet cafes, libraries, etc., and sign up for these "dating services". The girls write their emails and they are sent to the "dating service", cleared by them and then forwarded. Likewise, when the guy writes an email back, the email goes to the "dating service" for "clearance" and then is forwarded to the girl. I noticed that the email I received from Olga yesterday on the 27th was actually sent by her on the 25th. It doesn't take 2 days to get from Russia to Texas. So who knows where it went, first.

Now let's say this is true. Look at my stupid emails. If the "dating service" removes any improper remarks or photos, then that would leave my email to Olga with, "Dear Olga" and that's about all. I am going to assume that Olga is going through one of these places... and it costs her money. And that's where I am beginning to have a problem. I hate to have anyone waste money, especially some poor Russian girl trying to get out of her country the only way she knows how to get out. Shrug.

Plus, I have discovered that when these "friendships" move into the final stages of seriousness and marriage is obviously in the plans, the way the Russian government works is that the man (or woman) must travel to Russia first and have at least one, in-person date with the other person. It is always at a neutral place and never at the girl's home. Another tip I read is that it is usually the custom to bring a small gift. Now let's assume I wanted to call her in Russia. Again, not at home but from the "dating service's" office. The girl goes there at the appointed time and awaits the phone call. Geez, can things be any more romantic?

I sent Olga the following email yesterday:

Dear Olga,
How are you today? I am doing pretty good. I know my emails have been a little short and not full of a lot of information. This is mainly because I am still surprised that you are writing to me.

I have been reading on the internet about Russian women. I've been visiting "dating sites" to learn some things. I have a question. Do you go through one of these sites? I read where your emails to me go through one of these places and they look it over and then forward it. When I reply, it goes to them first and they look at it before sending it to you. Is this true? And do you pay them for this service?

Or is this all on your own and independent of any site? I am just curious. In one of your emails you mentioned that you were never married and you would explain later. I can't imagine that someone as beautiful and cute as you are that you don't have all the men falling all over themselves trying to marry you.

I want to know more about you. I will tell you more about me next time.
Your friend,

I purposely wrote the email to see if in her reply she even mentions my questions. If I get an email from her and she is oblivious to my questions then I know the "dating service" deleted some questions.

Either way, I think the time has come to be honest with her and tell her that I am writing to her from death row and am scheduled to be executed next week.

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