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29 March 2006



nough is enough. I thought that I would give Olga a rest for today and write a normal blog entry. Come on, 7 days of Olga and Russian jokes are enough. But as a joke I was going to have a graphic of a cactus blowing across a barren field, trying to be funny.

I began a search on the internet for a suitable graphic that I could use and make you laugh. I came across a picture that showed the tumbleweed doing exactly what I wanted it to do... Along with the picture of the tumbleweed was the history of the old west tumbleweed. You know the kind I mean, blowing down the street in a deserted ghost town in the wild west.

Tumbleweeds aren't considered as having any redeeming value except for the fact that they are interesting to watch as they tumble around. There are actually people (not many) who harvest tumbleweeds and sell them to other desperate people. As a matter of fact, the City of Chandler, Arizona constructs their official Christmas tree every year from tumbleweeds!

At maturity it breaks off at the base of its' host plant and because it is rounded, it tumbles in the wind. There is a natural purpose to this tumbling--the tumbleweed can produce up to 250,000 seeds, and the tumbling serves to spread those seed wherever it tumbles, guaranteeing that there will be more tumbleweeds in the future.

Okay, enough history... everyone thinks tumbleweeds are native to the southwest of the United States... right? Wrong Tonto! Ok Denny, where do they come from Mr. Shane. Are you sitting down? Good, now get off the chair and lay on the floor because that is where you are going to be when I tell you where tumbleweeds originally come from... have you guessed from where yet?

Some fanfare, please! The tumbleweed comes from, God I can't even say it........ Russia!

Actually, it isn't native to North America at all, but was brought to this country (unintentionally) by Ukrainian Russian farmers. The tumbleweed really is a weed, and its real name is the Russian Thistle.

Tomorrow I might write about the Chinese Food industry in Peking... unless....

Observations and Questions
Is this an omen? I can't get away from Olga and Russia! Laugh The really funny thing is that this morning I go for a Psych visit at the VA. After my skydiving episode the last time, just wait until she hears about this one. lol

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1672 Peter I "the Great" Romanov great Tsar of Russia (1682-1725). And in our death notices we find in 1948, Mahatma Gandhi, assassinated in New Delhi.
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