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07 March 2006



ntil the other night that is... I rarely remember my dreams. I know everyone does dream whether or not they remember them. Mostly I wake up and for a few seconds I remember snipets, but by the time I get to the bathroom they are gone. However Saturday and Sunday nights have set new precedents for me. I not only remember them, but I remember details also!

Dream #1
As you all know I've been married twice. My in-laws from my second marriage were in my first dream, all of them. They told me I was going on a trip and I said ok, sure. And my brother-in-law would be taking me in his truck. I got ready and dressed for my adventure. When I went out to the truck I discovered all of my furniture and belongings were packed in the truck! BUT the kicker was, even though the people were my in-laws from my second marriage... in this dream I was married to my first wife!

Dream #2
The next night I was in a shopping mall walking around basically window-shopping. Promptly at 10 PM, the mall closed and I was still inside. The stores all disappeared and were empty. Old dusty display cases all around, ripped curtains... you get the picture. But there were lots of people walking around... bums, derelicts, business people rushing around with documents in their hands, etc. My oldest daughter shows up and tells me I have to get out of there. I said I didn't want to leave but she insisted. As we're walking down a corridor I see a sign that says "Santa Claus: One Night Only" and there is a long line to get in to see him. However, right next to the end of the line there is a door with a sign: "Santa Claus' Private Office".

I knock and hear "come in". Slowly I open the door and there is Santa sitting by himself in an Armani suit. "Oh, little Denny Shane, come in son." I go in and sit down next to him... I say nothing and he says, "thanks for coming in to see me." and I leave. The line is gone.

Dream #3
It's just me and my pal Kelly Monaco, alone in a darkened room. A slow embering fire lights the room ever so softly... a half empty bottle of chianti lays on the floor... Kelly snuggles closer and then begins to nibb... STOP! oh crap... that's tomorrow nights dream I hope. LOL

Ok, I'm awake now... dreaming is over.

Now as some of you know I have slight memory problems sometimes. The Dr. at the VA said they were going to put me on a new medicine. I carry a little piece of paper in my wallet with all of my medications... just in case I need them. So, I go on the internet and look the new medicine up so I know what I am taking and note it on the paper for my wallet. Guess what one of the side effects is/are: Vivid Dreams! I don't know if I like this or not now.

Observations and Questions
Do you remember your dreams? Have kookie dreams? Am I in any? If I am and they are hot and erotic and you don't want to reveal them here in public, please feel free to email them, in confidence, to: Denny's Hot and Erotic Dream Free Counseling Service

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1898, Jan Bata, Czechoslovakian shoe manufacturer. And in our death notices we find in 322 BC Aristotle dies. Wow, seems like just yesterday...
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