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20 March 2006



nd my brain sneaks in here while I'm sleeping and decides to try his humor out on writing the blog for the day, huh? I'm glad he picked yesterday, Sunday, to do it while there aren't that many readers. Also happy that he was light-hearted and not as cerebral or as uppity as he usually gets sometimes.

However, mouth-agaping is what my mouth was doing when I noticed he non-chalantly mentioned that he was writing Chatroom Psycho. This is a bold-faced lie... he is not writing it, I am and I am doing nicely without the use of any brain, thank you very much.

Well now that the big party holiday is over and everyone is back to work today, except me that is... our attentions turn to the next biggie... Easter. Now don't get me wrong, I always liked Christmas, getting toys and stuff but Easter brought me the raw energy to keep playing with all those toys from Christmas.

Everyone has a fond memory of Easter and a specific candy they enjoyed. The Easter bunny always brought me a BIG hollow Easter egg, chock-full of more candy and chocolates. I think I was on a sugar-high until well into summer.

I often wonder if Christ hadn't died and arose again from the dead on Easter sunday if... well, if there would be an Easter bunny to hop around?

Observations and Questions
What was your favorite all-time Easter candy? Do you remember how you found out that some people believe there is no Easter bunny? I suppose they are the same people that believe there is no Santa Claus! Will they be shocked when they die and go to heaven and see who is walking around up there.

International Shoutout
For those that are Englishically impaired and only know Ebonics: I'z be hoping ya really enjoyed muh ma f-----g blog taday. Have uh great day ya pimpz! an don't make me pull mah gat! Translated for the ebonically challenged: I hope you really enjoyed my blog today. Have a great day you guys!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1928 Mr [Fred McFeely] Rogers Latrobe PA, children's television host (Mr Roger's Neighborhood). And in the old death notices we find in 1997, ? Hefner, mother of Hugh Hefner (Playboy), dies at 101. How proud she must have been of little Hughie.
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