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29 March 2006



aking up this morning about a half hour ago, the first thing that popped into my mind was: Will there be email from Olga this morning awaiting me? I jumped out of bed, stumbled into the office, flipped the switch on the computer, went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee... into the bathroom and took a shot of mouthwash. Got my coffee and back into the computer room. "You've Got Mail" cool... it was from a Viagra company... No email from the Borst belt.

As you can see, I have been educating myself, ad naseum.

While looking over the comments from past days, I think there may be some people who think I am deeply affected by Olga's emails. I'm not. I admit it's fun, getting emails from a lonely, horny 27 year old Russian woman, but it's not going anywhere gang. I know that.

First of all there is a huge age difference here. Secondly, a more importantly, my name is Denny Shane, not J.D. Rockefeller. In my research it can cost anywhere from $5,000.00 to $7,500.00, if not more, to go through the whole process and eventually settle down as Mr. and Mrs. in the U.S.

Even though this has been excellent fodder for my blog, I do have to end this whole mess, unless that is if she sends me the requested nude photos of herself ---then all bets are off! But seriously, I am toying with human emotions here... namely mine!

But seriously, I in all honesty can't keep this charade up, it's not me. The truth be known, even though I know the real deal here, there is still a teeny, weensy part of me that wishes it were all on the level and I was 27 again. Who knows, I might be dumb enough to go for it.

But what do I write about on my blog when this subject has run its' course? I have to admit this has been great for comments and visits to my blog... Hmmm... any girls from Bangladesh wanna try out their luck? I am an equal opportunity, international slut. I love females from all over the globe, except that one girl from my Navy days that I met in Panama... I think she was raising crabs. They were all over the place... the bed, on her... ummm, well that's a different blog story I think.

Observations and Questions
Any final comments before I find a way to extradite myself from this torrid love affair?

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