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04 March 2006



ou make your own decision, assuming you are playing with a full deck of course. And after reading some of your blogs, I'm not even sure I'm playing with a full deck anymore... lol

Anyway as I was visiting blogs this morning at 1AM... I stopped by Dark Angel who I missed stopping at yesterday. In it, she had a short story on a news article I came across the day before and was going to write about yesterday. However, as we all know, nudity took over... the results, after tabulations were 121,502.7 for nudity and 26 for more violence. And 12 people wanted to see more McDonald's commercials on TV.

Getting back to the main subject, Dark Angel mentions a prediction that Nostradamus made a few hundred years ago. This prediction is allegedly one in which Nostradamus says that World War III will begin by a leader from the middle east wearing a blue turban.

According to Nostradamus, the first two anti-Christs and two world wars were extremely evil, and history has shown this to be so; however, Nostradamus speaks of a third anti-Christ and a Third World War who is more hideous than all the others combined. Some say Sadaam Hussein, the dictator from Iraq, could be this evil tyrant. Others say that he has not yet appeared. What does Nostradamus say about this third anti-Christ? First, Nostradamus tells us he will come from the Middle East.

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed...
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

Now that's a pretty wide and far reaching, practically throwing everyone in the Moslem world into the fray. Having said that, yesterday, as we all know, President Bush went to India and met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (shown at right)

Ummmm, now I am NOT trying to start anything here, nor predict anything, nor insinuate anything, nor am I picking on Indian people. As a matter of fact I love cornbread and maze. But.......... this picture was taken just the other day....

International Shoutout
Having written all that, I just checked my stats and have found out since my blog went on the air so to speak, a commanding 66 friends from India have logged on to read the Not So Normal News. That represents 0.1% of the total bloggers out of 47,544. What can I say.... let's go India!! Let's get those figures up!!

To all of my many, many Indian friends all over the world who do not wear blue turbans or even if they do, I say: Aapakaa bahut bahut dhanyavaad!
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