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03 March 2006



o, not me nude. That was last week and no one commented. Shame too, I was fully and completely naked. If you missed it, you sure missed a good blog article... one of my best. Do a search.

Anyway this is not about me... it's about nudity versus violence on TV. Last night I watched the SciFi channel: Volcano Takes Over New York or some stupid name. And of course it was about a volcano, laving spewing all over New York kinda movie. In one scene you see a guy laying on the ground and his guts ripped open. His intestines were literally spilling and popping out... looking like twisted sausage, oh and the gravy... pints and pints of blood... red, ripe blood oozing out all over the place. Get the picture? Good...

In comparison, last week, I watched a movie and a female removed her top... and guess what? They put those little friggin dots over her breasts! Not just her nipples but her entire breast! She stood up and turned around and they put a bigger dot over the crack of her butt.

Let's review: Gobs of blood, intestines spilling out all over my television versus tits and ass... I am totally confused... it's ok to show the blood and gore but God forbid an errant nipple, or two, come on screen. Does this make any sense?

Honestly, I want to know your thoughts. A 10 year old kid can sit there and watch Freddie Kruger or Jason slash their way through 90 minutes of blood and guts on TV, but not so much as a teeny pubic hair. Now I'm not talking about a full blown orgy here... ummm... no... I'm not.

Our kids can sit and watch the Academy Awards and cleavage all over the place... mounds and lucious mounds of it, but when the love scene in the movie is shown... there goes those little dots again.

If I can see arms ripped off and heads being chopped off at the guiliotine, then dammit I want full nudity! Up, down, around and all over!

Observations and Questions
Is it just me? What do you think? Oh, and also... Just because I mentioned female nudity doesn't mean I am against male nudity either... I have to pander to my friends over there in the photo gallery who like male nudity).

International Shoutout
And just for my newly formed fan club in Denmark: Tak for lan nemlig opbremsning lidt efter lidt opsoge hos mig idag!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1963, Jacqueline Sheen, Dallas TX, playmate (July, 1990). And in our death notices we have in 1992, Sandy Dennis, actress (Up the Down Staircase), dies of cancer at 54.
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