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10 March 2006



arning! If you have any young children in the room, please remove them to the kitchen or another suitable room... because, today is SEX day! Now don't get all excited and get your panties in a twist. I am not advocating teachers having sex with students, in or out of the classroom. But watching the proceedings against Debra Lafave, the Florida teacher accused of having sex with one of her students, once in the back seat of her car while the kid' older cousin drove and then a second time in her apartment while the cousin watched them again having oral sex. The thought occurred to me... where was she when I was in grade school?

Mary Kay LaTorno is another one and she's having her 2nd baby by her teenage student/lover. At least that must be true love. How times have changed. Who did I have in grade school? Sister Olga of the Rock. (Name changed to protect the innocent, namely me).

Believe me, she was a poster pinup for not having sex with a teacher. She was definitely into S&M and B&D I think. I must have been her type because she always picked on me. Some kid in the back room would crack a joke and she would come to me and say: "Mr. Shane, hold out your hands." I had no choice... I held out my hands as ordered and WHACK! with that ruler. I think she even had a holster for it. Other little fun sports she had was to kneel on the palms of your hands or bending over and having your nose touch some spot ridiculously low on the wall, both for hours at a time.

But I have to admit something. Yes, in an exclusive to the Not So Normal News, I am admitting to this perverse crime in front of the world. In a visual kinda/sorta way I had sex with one of my teachers, repeatedly.... over and over.... over, over, over... yes, over and over, over, over, over....OVER! Ahem!

I think it was in the 4th grade and every morning I would walk to school, but stop by my teachers house and walk her to school. I was so in love. She lived near me and her dad owned a candy store. She lived on the 2nd floor and was single... so sophisticated, mature and young... I guess 21 maybe? Anyway this one day I arrived at her door and knocked as usual. No answer. I knocked again... this time I heard the 2nd floor window open... and then I saw her in her almost naked beauty. She stuck her head out the window to say she was running late. What she didn't realize was that she stuck her head out a little too far and I could see her.... slip. I nearly died right there on the icey cold, snow-covered ground. Now that I think about it, I think she was coming onto me. That incident has affected me to this day.

Miss Mary Mc G, even though I know you are in your 60's now, I still love you and think you're hot! Thank you, from little Denny Shane. (4th row, 2nd seat).

Observations and Questions
Today is bare your soul day. Ever have a crush on a teacher? How far would you have gone? ---or--- how far DID you go? Oh come on now, I'm not gonna tell anyone. However, if it's so lurid and torrently wicked and you don't want to publically air it, please send it to me in confidence to: My Hot, Steamy and Lurid Sex Experience With My Teacher Counseling Service Unretouched photos gleefully accepted!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1947, Avril "Kim" Campbell, Canada's 1st female Prime Minister. And in our death notices today we have in 0037 Tiberius Claudius Nero, great violin player and Roman emperor (14-37), dies at 78.
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