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08 March 2006



retty catchy title huh? Last night someone asked me what the name of the music that was playing on my blog. I explained that on the sidebar on the left, if you scrolled down you would see the title and the artist singing. Then the thought occurred to me that maybe people just stop in and read the main article never scrolling down to see what else there might be on here. And that's not bad because I do the same thing sometimes. I always look over someone's blog the first time I land on it, but rarely after that.

However, the main purpose of today's blog entry is to bring to your attention something you may have over-looked on here. Now I know a lot of you read... novels, poetry, short stories and not just Playboy or Playgirl. Even though I always find the interviews interesting and captivating myself.

Anyway, if you scroll down and look on the left side of the blog you'll see some book covers. One of the covers is that of one of our visitors, Erin O'Brien and her book "Harvey and Eck" another book is by Grant Bailie, entitled "Cloud 8". "The History of the Kensington Burial Ground" is by yours truly and is out of print now. So if you didn't buy it when it was first out, then you're out of luck. So sorry! It was really good! I'm presently working on "Chatroom Psycho", destined to be a Best Seller, somewhere in the world!

Anyway, there is also a book cover called, "The Butler Didn't Do It" and when you click on it, you are whisked away to another one of my sites by the same name. Here is where you can read about books, short stories, author's, etc. You can even comment on books you've read and liked, or didn't like. And there's even a section for short stories you read at night with the lights down low and behind closed doors, while dressed in a plain, brown wrapper. Hey now, don't smirk... all literature, even dirty and smuty, has some kind of redeeming quality!

We welcome budding authors! Here's your chance to enter a chapter or so of your new novel to get reaction from readers! There's something for everyone!

Observations and Questions
Have I bored you to death now? Tell me if you like the site or not... and what's wrong with it, if anything. Tell me why? Thanks!!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1075, Abu 'l-Kasim Mahmud ibn Omar al-Zamachshari, Arab theologist. The only reason I chose Abu today was because his name was so friggin long. And in the death notices we find in 1862, Nat Gordon, the last pirate, hanged in New York NY for stealing 1,000 slaves.
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