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24 April 2006



ltogether now! Olga! Olga! Olga!!! Yeaaaaaa, Olga!

Yes, I thought so also. I mean come on... I sent her a picture of my head pasted ontop of some guys body with his... well no difference, there was a black thing across it. Only my mother assumed it was a dirty picture. Then of course I point blank asked if the whole thing was a scam. Finally after getting her bathing suit picture, I had to ask for naked pictures. At that point, y'all might remember that Olga stopped writing her provocative emails. My heart was crushed. Yes, now I know how Romeo felt when Juliet committed suicide. She did, didn't she? Shame Shakespeare is dead as this would have made a better story.

If any of the new readers to my blog would like to do some background checking.... you can find the whole sordid story in last month pile of newspapers over on the left, at the bottom.

Anyway, when I never heard back from her, dejected as I was, I took it like a man and assumed my torrid online, email romance was caput! or for those familiar with Russian as we say... caputski!

Now fast forward... I join an online thing called You get 5 names and addresses to send postcards to, and in return 5 other people around the world get 5 names to send postcards to... Get the idea? So after about receiving 100 postcards, then a bombshell. It has got to be a joke, but a pretty funny one. It's interesting however since if you remember Olga wasn't her real name. I made the name up to protect her real name, Katerina, just in case the whole thing was real and she was legit. I get the following card:

FINALLY, Blogger decides to work now that half the day is over. Now I need my blood pressure meds!
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