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05 April 2006



aybe y'all are way too nice to bring it up and say something. You didn't want to embarrass me, right? Well okay, but now here is your chance!

It's very rare that I do this but for some reason yesterday I decided to do something a little bit cute. Did you read and observe anything wrong with my blog entry? Anything at all? Guess what? There are three a lot of glaring mistakes, very cleverly incorporated into the cartoon. Did you see them? Perhaps but like I said you didn't want to drag my brain through the mud and stand me up to ridicule. For that I thank you.

Now I know there may be a few among you that will see the mistakes and say, "But Denny, that is totally acceptable and not a mistake." Yes, that may be true but this is my blog and if I say something is wrong, then there is something wrong!

I know you are totally excited now and asking, "Cool, what do I win?" Equally as exciting is the answer, "Nothing!" That's right this contest has no prize at all, just the self-gratification that you will see your name printed here on the News as the winner and most observant.

In the case of a tie or multiple ties... well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Also, is it painfully obvious to anyone that I am really, really scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to write about today?

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