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08 April 2006



rom Monday morning until Monday night you will be able to vote for what you think is the best thong entry in our first Thong-Off Contest.

Below and to the right we see Guido "Fast Fingers" Bellaffucio, in an extremely rare photograph, other than in his FBI files which he claims his hair wasn't combed. Anyway he will oversee the elections to ensure fairness. All disputes will be handled by Mr. Bellafuccio in the only way he knows how and no one ever disputes him again. He is incognito for many reasons.

We trust that if you run into Mr. Bellafuccio on voting day, you will give him all courtesies and respect. He is very big on respect.

All of the entries are in and ready to go! Listed below and to the left of Guido... err Mr. Bellafuccio, a sample of what the voting ballot will look like and the system I have come up with to make sure there is no ballot stuffing! lol

It is designed to make sure you can only vote once, not that I think you would ever vote twice or a thousand times in the contest. Oh no, not y'all. lol.

Voting Instructions
When you click on the link I provide you will automatically, by way of magic be taken to a special voting place where upon landing you will see a nice welcome message from me. Then you click "continue" and are whisked into the voting booth and there you will make your selection for whichever Thong you like. After completing the voting process you will be taken to a Thank You message from me and after completion, I think you will be brought back here. I think because not all the bugs have been worked out of this sophisticated procedure.

In Other Breaking News...

Has anyone heard about these new scrolls that they discovered about Judas? This should be really interesting to see how it works out. It only took the church 1500 years to admit that Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute and then made her a saint. Move over Mary, Judas is on his way!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1614 El Greco, [Domenikos Theotokopoulos], Iraklion Crete Greece, painter (View of Toledo) and in the death notices we find in 1973, Pablo (Ruiz y) Picasso, Spanish/French painter (Guernica), dies near Mougins France at 91.
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