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10 April 2006


The Great Thong Election of 2006

has finally arrived! Today only, you will be able to cast your vote for your favorite Thong. We received a nice amount of slogans and I wish I could award a thong to everyone that entered unfortunately I'm not that rich.

Election Rules

You can only vote ONCE. I think I've selected a system that will allow you to only vote once. I know in your exhuberance you will try and stuff the ballot box with your favorite. As a former politician I know how ummm overly interested people can be in elections. But if I see that security has been breached, not only will Guido Bellaffuccio (see below) be upset and come visit you, but I will be upset because then I will have to declare the election null and void and figure something else out. That's the main rule. If I think of any more as the day goes along I will and not necessarily post them either. My game, my rules... so there!

Everytime someone votes, their IP is sent to my email. So I will know if you try and vote twice. If you do and your thong should come out of top, guess what? You won't win! Win honestly and we'll have some fun and maybe do it again with a tshirt or something. Screw it up for everybody and I'll really be upset... otherwise have fun! lol

Election Day Polling Problems
What would election day be without gliches. I discovered that this particular poll will only allow 100 people in to vote or see if they can vote. Once it hits 100 then it closes down and no one will be able to vote. So PLEASE, once you vote, PLEASE do not go back to see if you can vote again... because even though you will not be able to vote a 2nd time, the program will assume you are a voter and tick off one spot. Know what I mean? Please refrain from the attempt.

Vote For Thong Voting Has Ended 8PM CST 10 April 2006

Check Back in the morning to see who won!
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