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20 April 2006



n the wrong side of the bed and not know why? Right now it's 2AM and I've been awake for an hour. I am in such a pissy mood right now that if a kitten walked in front of me, it would be the last time it walked in front of anyone.

I hate when this happens. I think I am normally an upbeat person and never let my true emotions surface on the "News." That's not why you are here... you have enough grief and irritations in your own life and you don't need to read about mine. Or maybe you do and it takes your mind off of your own troubles. Shrug.

I have a question. You know when you write a sentence and you have a quote in there... at the end of the sentence is a period. Does the quotation mark go after the period or before the period? Such as in the paragraph above where I wrote "News." "News". Where does the period go? I like to be correct so I don't give any bloggers a reason to blast me about it. (In case you missed it there is a hidden meaning/reason in this paragraph).

I very rarely give a lot of thought to what I am writing. I usually sit down with my cup of coffee and start typing. Whatever comes out of my fingers onto the keys is what I say or think... To me then you are getting the really "fresh" me.

You're almost peering into my mind as I think. Like this article today. I had no idea of what I was going to write until I sat down and the words simply started coming out onto the page, so to speak. I like it that way. Who knows, by 4AM and I re-read this I might say, "what the hell was I thinking?"

The following depicts full frontal male nudity.

Maybe I need to go back to bed and wake up again... on the right side of the bed. Wait... I do get up on the right side of the bed I think. If I am laying on my back then I get out of the bed on my right side. But if I am laying on my stomach, the right side now becomes the left side... Crap. See what I mean?

Please look at the detailed diagram at right. As you can see in Figure A I am sleeping on my stomach, which is my normal sleeping pattern. Now if I wake up then my left arm is therefore on the left side of the bed, right?

However, to demonstrate my problem... take a look at Figure B. Now ladies, I am sorry but I sleep in the nude. If the picture offends you then please turn your head away.

Ok, in Figure B we see me sleeping on my back, BUT my right arm is now on the same side of the bed as in Figure A which is now the right side of the bed as seen in Figure B.

So... which side am I getting out of bed on? The left or the right?

Now you can see why, when I bring these problems to my psych at the VA Hospital she sits with her head in her hand and shakes her head while she writes.

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